Blogging Goals For 2019

Blogging Goals For 2019 -1

It’s almost the end of 2018. It has honestly been such a crazy year. Crazy in a good way… As you guys know so much has been happening in my personal life. This also meant that blogging took a back seat at most times. Here are my Blogging Goals For 2019 which I hope to achieve.

Blogging has basically been my only escape and is something I hold dear to my heart. It has also been a great way to have connected with like-minded woman.

Blogging is also extremely time consuming and it’s honestly one tough hobby to have. Juggling a full time job, being a wife and taking care of our home.

Establish My Brand

2019 is hopefully the year where I really get to establish my new brand NatalyaAmour. I have always wanted my blog to be a reflection of me and to share my passions and life. 

Share More Personal Posts

Beauty has and will also be my number one passion. I also would love to share more personal posts which I have already been starting to do more often. As you guys know our family has grown by one more fluffy baby and I hope to talk a lot more about them and life as a new wife.

Spend More Time On Creating Content

With things settling I will hopefully have more time to create more content. I do find that sticking to the current schedule I have of three posts a week works best for me at the moment. I would rather want to put three quality posts then being rushed just to put a post out there.

Better Photo Quality

I am for the most part happy with my photos at the moment, hopefully I get even better at it. It has helped that we are in Summer and in a new home where everything is how I wanted it to be. The natural light is amazing but I know won’t last long. 


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