Blogging Goals For 2020

2020 is here! A start of a brand new year, it also brings some fresh new goals we get to tackle. I am not a believer in New Years Resolutions. However, with the new year, I do prefer to take stock and look back on the year we just had. It allows me to think about what I would like to accomplish, especially when it comes to my well been and what makes me happy. Here are my Blogging Goals For 2020 I am like to achieve this year.

I’ve been blogging for quite some time, six years to be exact… My blog has always been a hobby for me. The only thing I enjoy the process of, taking photos, creating content and creating a space with like-minded women.

2020 is the year I would like to explore with creating more custom artwork like wallpapers and Instagram Story creatives. Closer to the end of 2019 I found something I truly enjoy. With so many of you guys boosting my confidence it has helped me, it has also been so amazing to just do what I love.

Create more

I do plan on creating more beauty, lifestyle posts as what you guys can expect. What you guys also don’t know is that I am passionate about creating pretty things. I have got the past few years you guys have seen my blog going through many makeovers and that’s because I truly love playing with designs.

More videos

I have always been someone who kept to myself, I’m an introvert… I still feel extremely uncomfortable socializing and being on video. 2020, is the year I would like to start with creating more YouTube videos. It makes me feel more comfortable with speaking and talking about things I enjoy. I truly admire those YouTubers that seem to just flow with their content. It’s no easy task.

These are my main two goals I want to focus on in 2020. I always try to not put too much pressure on myself as I do have a demanding full-time job. My blog has always been a passion of mine and I truly just want to create more of the things I love and enjoy. I hope you guys are still going to take this journey with me and thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through a difficult 2019.


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