Blogging On A Budget

Blogging On A BudgetBlogging can be tough and very expensive. Not to mention the recent rebranding I had it can cost you quite a bit. Especially when you aren’t making any money from it, it becomes more of an expense. I thought I would share my blogging tips on Blogging On A Budget.

Here are some tips that might help you save when it comes to your blog.

Find An Inexpensive Domain and Hosting Package

Domains and hosting, in general, can be rather pricey. I would suggest in doing your homework. Don’t settle with the first provider you come across. Google is your best friend in this regard. I have also been lucky enough to have a friend that does website hosting and provides domains at a better rate than other South African server providers which seems to jack up their prices. 

Choosing The Right Template

This is probably the only thing I have really spent serious cash on. There are many sites that offer more affordable options but lack the customisation I want. I would rather spend the money on a good template that allows me to change colours, plugins and whatever I want. As I grow I want my blog to change, because well we are women and have different tastes. I would highly recommend Pipdig templates, not only are their customer support service impeccable, you are also able to customise your site how you want to, which means you can easily use it for many years to come.


I find that with some posts in more cost effective to use graphics and free resources. I would suggest you use sites like Canva, Pixabay and Pexel. Canva is amazing for social media graphics, you can create your own without having to get an expert involved. Also, some freestyled photography resources can be found on Pixabay and Pexel.

Social Media Schedulers

We all know are busy life can be, here is where social media schedules are your best friend. I have been using Buffer and Latergram lately to help, Latergram has been amazing to automatically share my posts to Instagram, I like sticking to a schedule and having my social media accounts updated at specific times, like when a new post drops.

Feature Same Products In Other Posts

Most of the time, I feature the same products across different posts! It saves me money to constantly buy new products I honestly don’t need! Review them, mention them in favourites.

I hope you guys found these five tips helpful in any way. Please do share your tips in the comment section below.


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