How I Get Over The Blogging Slump

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I have been blogging for over 4 years now, in reality that’s a long time. These last few years has proven to be challenging in many aspects. The blogging industry is not all it’s cracked up to be especially if you are a South African blogger – there are so many challenges to deal with. Today I thought I would speak about How I Get Over The Blogging Slump.

I have experienced a few times within this 4 years of blogging on Beauty Candy Loves, every now and then I hit a wall and can’t seem to motivate myself to crank out any blog posts or to even take photos for my blog – it feels as if my brain has left me and I can’t think of any ideas. The last thing I also want to do is put out half ass posts for you all to read.

I found that these help me a lot to get over the blogging slump I expereince ever so often and get a new perspective on things – we all are human and every once in a while every writer or blogger deals with this.

Take A Break – I have a full-time job, so trying to manage my blog and have a demanding job is extremely tough. A lot of the time I feel really worn out and the last thing I need is to come up with fresh content without having everything sound style and boring. I find that taking a break every now and then helps me to rest and to get perspective on my blog.

Visit Other Blogs – Visiting other blogs is a great way to support other bloggers and to get ideas on what other bloggers are doing.

Take A Walk – Walking for me gives me a lot of time to think, every day I walk home from work this usually takes me 20 minutes and the fresh air and the exercise helps me to think.

Great Blog Post Ideas –  There are so many bloggers that share blog ideas, this is great for when you can’t think of any blog posts – I have used these many times for when I can’t think of anything new.

So these are basically my tips on how I get out of the blogging slump, I hope that you guys find this useful I know that it’s helped me over these 4 years. If you have any other tips please share them in the comment section below.


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