Blush Shades For Medium Skin Tones

Blush Shades For Medium Skin Tones _00

Finding the right blush shade for your skin tone can be a daunting task, I personally had no idea when I started experimenting with makeup that you just can’t use any shade you wish. Choosing the blush shade to match your skin tone is important. I do have a medium skin tone which is why today’s post is finding the right Blush Shades For Medium Skin Tones.


Most medium skin tones already have warmed tones, so it’s mainly enhancing that beautiful tone. The best shades to do that is by using apricot, tangerine, mauve, rich pinks shades – orange shades are flattering and subtle on medium skin tones. Medium skin tones are also allowed to go bolder with their blush shades, light soft pinks are shades to stay clear from they are too subtle and won’t be flattering on the skin.


3 Blush shades which I actually use and that I think work’s really well which medium skin tone ladies are the Essence Cosmetics Satin blush in the shade Satin Coral, Essence Cosmetics Matt blush in Berry Me Up ( berry shades actually works really great on darker skin tones as well ) this particular shade is muted and the Wet ‘n Wild blush in the shade Mellow Wine. Similar shades to these will work really well, I would also recommend you try out some blush shades in store to find what works best for you.


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