Boss Girl Blogger Apps

I am a self-proclaimed apps lover! I’m always on a hunt for new apps that can add value to my life and make blogging easier and improve my blog flow. Here are my Boss Girl Blogger Apps everyone needs!

I’ve most probably mentioned these apps either on the blog or on my Instagram before. These are my tried and trusted apps that I use to help me plan better and become a more organised blogger.

We have all been there, you are in major need of creating new blog content and usually get ideas for posts when you should be asleep! My moment when the mind always wonders I’m usually thinking of new content when I should be asleep.

Boss Girl Blogger Apps


An app that helps me so much is one every phone has. The notes app! Doesn’t sound like much but the notes app has done me good to quickly add some post ideas when I’m in bed and on my phone before I hit the hay. This way I don’t forget anything…


Trello is an app I’ve been using for years! It’s an amazing way for me to have a good structure for my posts and I can easily track what needs to be done on what post, especially if I am working on multiple posts at a time. If you haven’t used Trello before I can promise you it will change the way you blog! I also love that you can use this on the desktop and phone app.


I’ve been using the Lightroom app for over a year now. I finally took the plunge of purchasing the Lightroom subscription so that I can shoot my photos in raw on my camera and have more control over how I edit. I have completely changed to a new preset that it moodier and pink tones then the bright orange tanned look I’ve been consistently used over the last year. I’ve been wanting to step back and play around with a different photo look and feel and Lightroom allows me to do that.

You can save your images on a cloud and can access the same images on the desktop and your phone app. It’s changed the way I edit photos and it’s so much easier to go through hundreds of images and edit them easier. Would highly recommend Lightroom for editing.


So once I have my blog post and my edited photo I usually use Planoly to help me schedule my blog post photos. This way I can make sure to not miss any upload and it’s so much easier to plan ahead and in bulk relieving the pressure from me. Life can get extremely busy and thinking of captions can seriously make my head hurt! Too much thinking… I find that planning helps me and Planoly app has so much great features it’s definitely worth the monthly subscription as I use it practically every day to plan on Instagram feed posts and Instagram stories to help with a more cohesive look.

Bonus App: Stories Edit

If you signed up for Planoly you would also be able to access their Instagram Stories Editor app called Stories Edit. This beautiful app is packed full of templates for you to create beautiful looking Instagram stories and they have so many options! So many use untold and honestly I haven’t for a while I use Stories Edit every day!



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