Breast Cancer Remains Number One Cancer Among SA Women

With 1 in 28 women being diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer remains the number one cancer among SA women. Although statistics show that early detection can lead to 95% successful treatment, mortality rates in South Africa remain amongst the highest due to late or no treatment. Today’s post will be focused on giving you the facts about breast cancer.

Various elements play a role in the healthcare sector in South Africa including education, access to treatment and a lack of infrastructure. When it comes to breast cancer, early detection and treatment are often hindered by societal stigmas and cultural myths linked to the disease. This instills fear in women and stops them from getting their breasts examined and even hinders self-examination. This results in breast cancer claiming more and more victims every year. 

Breast Cancer Remains Number One Cancer Among SA Women

Essentially the stigmas lead women to believe that if a lump is detected, they have been handed a death sentence. Also, stigmas and myths have stopped women from talking openly about it. Keeping the disease behind closed doors and reducing the opportunities to educate women about early detection. This is something I have experienced first hand. Women haven’t been educated it what to look for when it nor know their body well enough to detect this early.

With the help of Jet…

Jet, a fashion retailer that’s purpose is empowerment, recognises the role it must play in helping clear this stigma. Given its reach as a brand, Jet aims to empower its core target market, women aged 24 – 55. From lower-income households that don’t always have access to information regarding breast cancer. With this in mind, Jet has embarked on helping tackle the stigmas surrounding this disease through a campaign that aims to educate. The campaign gives women access to clear and jargon-free information that could help save their lives. Jet has further ensured that the educational content resonates with its target market by providing translations into various languages. 

The initiative aims to empower women with positive, factual knowledge of breast cancer. The knowledge that fights the stigma and encourages women not only to talk about the issue but to conduct regular self-examinations. 

Where to find more details…

For more information check out the #clearthestigma website. / 

The information provided in this post was supplied by JET to help spread awareness of this terrible disease.


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