Bring On The New Year

It’s 2019, it seems like just yesterday we started 2018. The time seems to be flying by so quickly. I am rather excited to be starting the year fresh – Bring On the New Year so I can totally slay it!

December has been a month of reflecting… This January I will be starting fresh and evaluating on things I want to do this year.

January is not my favourite month, going back to work seems to be a real struggle not to mention all my money I spent during the holidays.

I am however to start over fresh and get my ass into gear and make this year my bitch. One of the things I hope to continue is to SAVE as much as I can. Moving and getting married has truly been an eye-opener for me.

It has forced me to basically grow up and not spend money on unnecessary things, you ladies know what I am talking about, that pair of shoes you really don’t need but want cause it will look cute with that dress you bought. Or the latest lipstick that was launched, but you have 50 of the exact shade. I had to be real with myself and not waste my money on WANTS, but to focus on the things I really needed.

Justin has helped me so much with being more money wise and this has helped me to actually save, although all of our money goes into paying off our bond. We do have a home that’s ours, which makes it all worthwhile.

2019 is the year I SAVE as much as I can…

What will you be doing this 2019 to make it a badass year as I hope it to be? Let me know in the comments section below. You guys know how much I appreciate all your comments.



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