Brow Favourites On A Budget

The upkeep of my brows has become a must, and it’s no wonder with beautifully shaped eyebrows being a number one step in anyone’s makeup routine. I have been using a few products to help me maintain my brows, I do tend to not spend much time doing my eyebrows and I do go for more or a natural look. To help me with that I thought I wold share some ( and by some I just mean 3) of my Brow Favourites On A Budget.

Two of these products I have actually mentioned before in a blog post if you do want full reviews on those I will share the link to those, I am all for makeup on a budget it’s something I strive towards – mainly because I just can’t afford high-end makeup especially on a brow product, as mentioned I tend to not spend much time shaping or filling in my brows. I enhance them as they are and usually just fill them with powder and set them so that they do stay put all day.

Catrice Eyebrow Set

The Catrice Eyebrow Set I have reviewed before, you can read that review over here. It comes with a tiny tweezer and brush to help maintain those brows, the Catrice Eyebrow Set also comes with two different powder shades, I have only used the darker brown because it matches the color of my brow hairs – This is great for quickly filling in your brows, my brows are very sparse so this does a great job and it comes it a really small compact that is easy to keep in your handbag.

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

This is one product I keep finding myself repurchasing, the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara ( damn that’s one long name) which I reviewed over here. It has been in my makeup collection for years, I keep repurchasing it because it works really great for what I need it to do which is setting my eyebrows. It does have small fibers that help fill in missing brows, but I find that a brow powder does a better job in that, which is why I mainly use this to set them.

Essence Me And My Umbrella Brow Thickener

The Essence Me And My Umbrella Brow Thickener ( again what’s with the long ass names) is a new addition to my brow collection, I picked it up at Dischem. This forms part of the Me And My Umbrella collection, I really love the idea of this – it’s easy to use and it’s no need to use an eyebrow pencil as it already has an applicator. I have been really loving this so far and do intend on writing a full review soon.

That’s about it for my brow favourites on a budget, all three of these products work well for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a decent eyebrow product that is east on the pocket. What are your brow favourites? I am always open to finding more budget friendly gems.


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