Cherubs Eco Facial Wipes

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I was lucky enough to be sent over some Cherubs Eco Facial Wipes which is a new product by Cherubs. If you know about the brand you would know that Cherubs has mainly released products for baby care.

Cherubs introduces the first Eco-Facial Wipes in South Africa that’s gentle on delicate skins and the environment. This range is designed to gently and effectively remove excess oils, dirt and make-up leaving your skin clean, hydrated and fresh. Now available in a 60s pack with a clip-lid and super convenient pocket packs helping you take freshness everywhere you go!

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You can find these Eco Facial Wipes in the following variants;

Normal Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – Contains rooibos & papaya extract rich in powerful anti-oxidants, keeping skin hydrated.

Oily / Combination Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – contains lemon, ivy & sage extract and reduces oiliness, hydrates skin, prevents localized drying in combination skin.

Sensitive / Dry Lightly Fragranced Eco-Facial Wipes – contains sea fennel & chamomile extract and soothes skin, keeping it moisturised and hydrated.

I have been using all of these over the last few weeks and I am really surprised at how well it removes makeup and dirt from my face. I tend to use the one of sensitive / dry skin, because that is my skin type. All of these Cherubs Eco Facial Wipes are biodegradable and are ph balanced, also they contain zero alcohol and are paraben free. All of them contains different ingredients for the specific skin types.

So far, I have been enjoying using these eco facial wipes from Cherubs, they are so soft and gentle on my skin, but also does the job pretty well without making my skin feel like the moisture has just been sucked out dry.

For more information about these new Cherubs Eco Facial Wipes visit their website for more details.

Have any of you guys tried the new Cherubs Eco Facial Wipes before? If so, let me know what your thoughts were?