Colourpop Wishlist

Colourpop has really taken the beauty world by storm! I have been seeing a flood of reviews and mentions on social media, it’s really become a must have for so many.

I won’t lie I am dying to get my hands on Colourpop, the prices are really great, and from what I have heard and seen ( many hours of watching Youtube) the quality just looks out of this world. I have been waiting till I can save up enough money as shipping is quite pricey to South Africa! But be assured soon I will own you Colourpop there is no escaping… I thought it would be fun to show you guys my Colourpop wishlist and just to mention I am so sorry that this is an insanely large wishlist, if I am going to dream about owning Colourpop I might as well mention every product on their website lol well no just kidding but sure damn close to almost every product what can I say my Colourpop wishlist is huge. Names of the products are named from the left to the right.




1 – Wisp

2 – Lunch Money

3 – Butterfly Beach


1 – Poolside

2 – Skinny Dip


1 – Between The Shirts

2 – Birthday Suit

3 – Holiday

4 – Prenup


1 –Boyband

2 – DGAF

3 – Envy Grande

4 – Famous

5 – Hanky Panky

6 – Hustle

7 – Krinkle

8 – La La

Ultramatte Liquid Lipsticks

1 – More Better

2 – Kapow

3 – Avenue

4 – Trap

5 – Creeper

Lippie Stix

1 – Bichette

2 – LBB

3 – Behr Hug

4 – Lumiere

5 – Peppermintmor

PS: There was alot more products but I tried to stop myself!



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