Combat Dry Lips With Letibalm

Winter is in full swing and that means that cracked dry lips have become a daily struggle. To help Combat Dry Lips I’ve used Letibalm for a few years now.

Letibalm lip balms soothe, regenerates and repairs dry and chapped lips.  As well as the irritations caused when blowing your nose with its intense repairing action, emollient, moisturising and protective. Nourishes the skin, reducing the tightness and cracks in the lips and protects against external aggressions.

Combat Dry Lips With Letibalm…

During Winter my dry skin goes to another level, I do exfoliate my lips more often during the Winter season as well. The Liquid Repair Balm and Repair Balm Jar have been my number one choice when it comes to hydrating my lips. I usually use them right after exfoliating my lips in the evening, before I go to bed. I do also suffer from sinuses all year round and also use the Letibalm products around my nose area to help protect my nose when constantly blowing my nose. It has worked wonders repairing my skin around such a delicate area.

If you want to know more about Letibalm and the amazing products they offer then you can have a look through there website here. If you suffer from dry cracked lips and a sensitive nose then I would highly recommend you guys check out Letibalm.

Letibalm products can be purchased at Dischem and Clicks stores both The Repair Balm Jar and Repair Balm Liquid retails for R69.99. These have become my Winter essentials which I cannot live without. Say goodbye to dry and cracked lips with this duo!

Have you used any of the Letibalm products before? Let me know in the comments before.


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