Natalya Amour is PR friendly!

If you a pr company, individual seller or a brand representative and would be interested in working with a South African Beauty Blogger like me. Please see options below that Natalya Amour offers.

Sponsorship/Partnership: Natalya Amour does accept any sponsorships of products. Samples can be sent to be reviewed. As long as it fits with the content of Natalya Amour. Also, note that products being sent for review purposes won’t be sent back to the company. Reviews take time and effort it’s only fair that I get to keep what is sent to be reviewed.

*Sponsored posts: If you/your company is not interested in a review post, Natalya Amour also offers a sponsored post option.

*Advertisements/banners: Natalya Amour does offer advertisements and banners if you a brand to be added to the blog. Prices can vary depending on where on my website you would like to advertise. Contact me for more information.

Please free to contact me if you have any queries at


Please note that all reviews on Natalya Amour are my honest opinions and in relation to my own personal experience using these products.

Most of the beauty products I do review are products I purchase with my own money and Items I do receive I definitely do not receive any payment for.

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