How I Cope With Blogging And Having A Full Time Job

How I Cope With Blogging And Having A Full Time Job

Blogging while having a full day 8 to 5 job is really tough to manage I have been blogging for just over two years now while holding down a full time job and I have to say some days I honestly wonder how the fuck I’m able to do this.

The pressure can really get to you especially if you have a high demanding job which doesn’t allow you much time or even a lunch break like my job I literally take no lunch breaks,  I spend my days eating infront of my pc which isn’t good only because I always get so much grief when wanting to take an actual lunch something I am working on cause we all need a break and my contract says so hahaha.

Moving on..  I thought I would share some things I do to help my cope with holding down a full time job and actually being able to blog to.

Post In Bulk

When I actually have time to write which is actually before I got sleep or at least trying to fall asleep I tend to whip out my cellphone and type. Yes I actually type out all of my blog posts on my phone well a tleast rough draft I find this easier then doing it on my laptop I’m in front of a computer all day the last thing I want is to type out posts on one while I’m trying to fall asleep.  It always gives me more time to think doing it this way.  So I try and wrote 2 or so posts if I can this always helps for when you aren’t able to everyday I know I can’t all the time so to make sure I do 2 posts at a time and because usually when I start going I find it hard to whip writing..  So weird I know!

Schedule Photo Days

I usually put days aside during the week after work of course to focus on different things like two days I will take blog photos, although with the weather being overcast and shitty being Autumn and all I have been struggling with natural lighting and all my photos are done with natural light so usually when I see the sun out I run home (not literally just walk fast)  after work to take as much photos as I can.

Schedule Your Posts

This is key for me! I do whatever needs to be done on the post, putting it all on WordPress, setting up my post the way I like it with relevant links and colour certain text and adding the images I’ve already taken and edited,  after all is done my post is ready for scheduling I choose the day I would like my post to be live and and time and while I’m hard at work during the day I don’t have to worry about getting a post out cause it’s already scheduled to go out.

Make use of WordPress Social Plug-ins

These have been life savers I just don’t have the time to be on social media to promote my post that just went live.  The plug in on WordPress helps me sharing every post on my favourite social media platforms so I don’t have to. You just tick before scheduling your post what social media you want to share it on and bam.

I literally do everything after hours during the week for me weekends are my me time I refuse to use this time to spend it on work whether it’s day job or blogging a girl has got to rest too…  All work and no play makes Candy pretty grumpy and I have to catch up on sleep and Quantico which I’m obsessed with right now. In my opinion it’s all about smart blogging don’t be afraid to add plug-ins and take as much photos as you can on one day it’s makes you have more time for other things.  Being a blogger can be hard but doing it correctly can make it less stressful on yourself.


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