How To Create A Circle Profile Photo

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I have been really liking the look of a circle shape profile photo on my blog, I just find that it instantly looks better than the normal square shape. It always does make your blog look instantly different , if you are looking for a quick change up, you can also added those beautiful flower wreaths to your photo too the possibilities are endless.

Today I thought it would be cool to show you guys how I create my profile image into a circle, they aren’t photographed that way I edit them into that shape. I use Picmonkey to achieve this, I tend to use Picmonkey for so many editing features like cropping and adding text to my images – now that they released a phone app version I use it for some light editing mainly adding brightness to my photos. I do however find that the app version for the phone is very limited and doesn’t have the features that you are able to do on your computer like cutting your profile photo into a circle.

Picmonkey _01

Step 1 : Add Image You Want

Firstly you would need an image of course once you have something in mind visit the Picmonkey website, click edit, choose a photo you would like as your profile photo no matter what it is.

Picmonkey _02

Step 2 : Choose Shape Cut Out Option

On the left hand side you will finding many options , choose the frame option, then Click on the very first option Shape Cut Outs.Once you have clicked on shape cutouts you will get an option to choose from a few shapes – you can then click on the circle also you have an option to make the background transparent or white. I usually make the background white because I find that some social media like Disqus for comment system the background shows black when you choose transparent , so I would suggest choose the background white unless you are only going to use it for your blog and you don’t have a white blog background then choose transparent.

Picmonkey _03

Step 3 : Apply And Size

Once you are have with the size of the circle you should apply changes and then save your image.

As simple as that! 3 simple steps in how you can create a circle profile image. You can also add borders I usually choose a circle border which you can use Picmonkey and other things, just play around with Picmonkey there are so many options. I hope this was helpful for you guys I think it’s pretty easy to do ..


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