Cruise Into Summer With Loving Touch & Comfitex

Cruise Into Summer With Loving Touch & Comfitex -1

Feminine care is so important but, things have changed so much over the years especially when my little monthly friend comes to visit. Luckily Loving Touch & Comfitex has got you covered.

Affordable Feminine Care

With so many brands on the market all offering different things. Truth be told the prices for feminine products have sky rocketed over the years. It really frustrates me that brands have marked up these products so much.

One brand who has given us quality and affordable lady hygiene products to help make our period more bearable is Comfitex. They offer a reliable sanitary protection thanks to it’s unique design and fit. The pads offer both soft comfort and effective protection at an affordable price.

When it comes to shaving which forms part of my feminine hygiene I opt for razors other than removable creams, I find that they work best for me. Finding a razor that works well can be tough especially for someone who grows leg hair at a rapid rate. 

Loving Touch released some new shaving products to make it a less painful experience. They have a Loving Touch Shaving Gel and Foam and also has soft grip disposable razors with a lubricating strip that contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that helps nourishes the skin.

These products are marketed at teens but, I find that they could work well for anyone. I have not been a teen for a long time, but have been using these products too. I amend the price bracket of these products making it affordable for all. Now having your period doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

These can be found at leading retailers nationwide. Do you also think that the price of feminine sandary pads has also become insanely expensive?


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