Current Podcasts I’m Loving

I’m fairly new to listening to podcasts. Honestly, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten into them sooner. It makes work more enjoyable. Today I will be sharing Current Podcasts I’m Loving.

There’s a wide variety of podcasts to listen to. From criminal stories to sex, the world of podcasts has it all. I personally enjoy a wide variety as well, each for whatever mood I’m in.

Current Podcasts I’m Loving
Current Podcasts I’m Loving_1

What We Said

What We Said Dear Media. … Intended to inspire and entertain, best friends Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade talk candidly about health, business, relationships, life, etc. … Chels & Jace ask Kaitlyn all your burning questions regarding The Bachelor franchise.

I came across Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade’s Podcast due to following Jaci Marie on Instagram. I find that they are so much fun to listen to and they cover so many topics from social media tips to the experience about married life.

The Sexidents Podcast

The Sexidents Podcast. By Angela & Pascal. A Podcast about the realistic side of sex – the mistakes, mishaps and real-life bloopers you don’t see in films or porno. Play on …

Fellow blogger and friend Angela Angeline owner of Chocolate and Lipstick created the Sexidents Podcast with her husband to talk about how realistic sex if. A topic many shy people like myself don’t often talk about. There’s only a few episodes out and I’m just so excited for more content. They seriously have me hooked. They are hilarious and the weird and creepy sex stories that are facts I might add has me laughing non-stop. 

Serial Killers

Every Monday, Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers … 

My husband and I love documentaries and criminal series. It’s sick and twisted that these are actual real events but i can’t help but listen to them. If you a fan of criminal stories then you would love this podcast. 

The Influencer Podcast With Julie Solomon

The Influencer Podcast is an innovative podcast that explores the secrets behind the … Hosted by marketing strategist, New York Times best-selling publicist and influencer Julie Solomon.

I’ve just recently come across this podcast and I’m hooked. The tips that Julie Solomon gives is so helpful in applying it for my own blog. She interviews some people in the industry as well to give their perspective. 

If you have any podcasts you have been enjoying then please do list them in the comments below. I am always looking for more recommendations seeing as I haven’t actually been listening to podcasts that long.


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