Cut Throat World Of Beauty Blogging


I have been blogging for about 3 years now, which honestly I had no idea how much I would actually enjoy it.  Whilst blogging for quite some time now I have also noticed a lot of bad and good and the fact that beauty blogging industry is far different then other countries,  bloggers over here are a lot more competitive and honestly I don’t get why.

Blogging community is suppose to be a safe place, a haven if you will for others who enjoy and have a passion for the same things we do. I really do enjoy having to write about my thoughts on everything wether it’s my favourite beauty products or to share my experiences travelling to different places or my views on certain subjects.  Yes,  I have been able to be in contact with so many beautiful ladies even make friends so blogging isn’t all that bad right? With all the good blogging community is sadly not all sunshine and rainbows as you might think,  there has been more incidents with bloggers being attacked by other bloggers making it competitive which is rather stupid if you ask me.  Why are other women bringing down others shouldn’t we be motivating each other? Instead we are degrading others which is down right unacceptable for what? So that you can get some pr packages… Well sadly, then you definitely are in this industry for the wrong reason. It passes me off so much that people pole are always critizing everything from the way you write, pictures you take and things you talk about on your damn blog.

Wake up people, blogging is suppose to be a passion, a love of what you do not to please anyone or to score anything.  Luckily I have not come across anyone who has been mean to me or told me off but I have been noticing this with other South African beauty blogger specifically and honestly it’s so uncall for and stupid, why not focusing on your own shit then critize what others do its their blog after all. Anyway rant over!