Dentyne boosts confidence with #DentyneSmile Moments

Last year, Dentyne, the delicious, good for teeth gum encouraged ladies to post their confident Dentyne Smiles, for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Over the next few months, Dentyne will be working with one of our 2016 winners – Siya Akhenime Mfenyyana – as she helps to launch a series of #DentyneSmile moments.

Andrea Cloete, Mondelez SA Senior Category Manager for Dentyne says: “The Dentyne audience are hungry for content that speaks to all spheres of their life – be it beauty, career, fashion or health. The unique content we plan to create, in the form of “Smile Power Vlogs”, it will tackle everyday challenges and reveal how these can be overcome with a confident smile and the right attitude.”

These #DentyneSmile Vlogs will be shared on Dentyne social media pages throughout the year and fans can also check out Dentyne’s social pages for more opportunities to win other prizes with Dentyne.

Dentyne aims to demonstrate just how your radiant smile can open doors for you and how Dentyne, with Xylitol, plays a part in creating that healthy and confident smile. We believe that the power of a smile is endless and we hope to continue empowering women in 2017!

Dentyne is the perfect on-the-go oral care gum, and is available in Strawberry, Spearmint and Dentyne White Peppermint.  The entire range is sugar-free and contains Xylitol which is good for your teeth, and Dentyne White promotes whiter teeth due to its bright beads.

View the first #DentyneSmile Vlog here. Visit DentyneSA Facebook/Instagram and @DentyneSA on Twitter for more information on this year’s campaign. #DentyneSmile