Dunkin Donuts Launches In Cape Town


This past week Justin and I went to Dunkin Donuts! The very first one in Cape Town launches and I have to say I have been excited for weeks, the queues were insane so we went on a Sunday hoping that people wouldn’t be standing in line!

To our mistake their was a long as queue everyone wanted to know what all the hype was about! We stood in line for about an hour which honestly I have no idea how Justin even stood in any queue because his really impatient….  We finally got to the till to order and damn these were most expensive donuts! We bought a dozen and paid R125 drinks weren’t badly priced Justin and an iced latte and I a normal latte which is was dumb because I really wanted to try their dunkinchino, of you guys are planning to go to Dunkin Donuts if you in Cape Town and passing N1 city then be sure to be standing in queues.


I also wasn’t happy with Dunkin Donuts, because all the good damn donuts were sold out and we basically had to just get what they had left,  which I wasn’t impressed about because I am been eyeing their rocky road which stupid people bought and they had none left,  although their donuts were really good not worth that much money though but hey I guess it’s for the experience and a good way to treat yourself,  coffees really really good and I will be seeing them soon.


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