How I Edit My Blog Photos

How I Edit My Blog Photos -1

I have been on a mission to try and improve my blog photography as best as I could. Today I’m sharing a post on How I Edit My Blog Photos.

Recently I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 8Plus which I’ve mentioned in a previous post which you can read all about it here. I have also shared some favourite apps I like to use. Today I mainly wanted to focus on my editing process and what I enjoy using. I am a very mobile person and take all my blog photos using my iPhone 8Plus. I don’t have the money to splash out on some fancy DSLR. To be honest I feel like my phone has been doing a pretty good enough job. The iPhone has this great Portrait mode which I have mainly been using to give that bokeh effect.

I normally take my photos around 12 pm – 2 pm a great time is just before sunset too. This all depends on which direction you are getting your light source from. I only use natural light, I don’t have any light boxes, so I demand good natural lighting. I find that around 5 pm – 6 pm during Summer works also well.

So once I am happy enough with my photo I edit them basically on my phone. Colorstory has been a life saver, I am really impressed with their filters they offer. I spent so much buying mostly all of them to make sure I am getting a variety of filters. These filters look so natural. I use the filters to mainly up the brightness to my photos. Once I am happy with that I copy them all to my MacBook Air. Also, Colorstory has a new grid option that helps me plan out my Instagram! It’s saved me so much time and I just really love this app!!

I then use Lightroom also to add more brightness and to resize my photos to add them to my blog. I don’t do much at all in Lightroom again just more brightness and increasing the white and clarity on my photos. My editing process is very simple, I try and not do much to my photos. So what you see it basically how I take them…

What apps have you been using you edit your blog photos?

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