How I Edit My Instagram Photos

If you have been following me on Instagram for some time, then you probably noticed that my photography has changed quite a bit. Today’s post will be dedicated to How I Edit My Instagram Photos.


Instagram has consumed me, I am starting to fall back into love with this phone app!


I use to be so obsessed with getting followers and likes on my Instagram profile to a point where it would just consume of everyday thoughts. I also obsessed about how many people followed and unfollowed me. This was not good for me and I finally decided I had enough and just enjoy Instagram again!

I love sharing snippets of my life through photos which is why Instagram has always been my most favourite social media app.

My Editing Process On How I Edit My Instagram Photos

When it comes to taking my photos I take all my photos on my iPhone 8Plus. I have always taken all of my blog photos on Instagram photos from my cell phone. I’ve been loving the results even more since I upgraded my phone back in December. The photos on the iPhone really impressed me, I find it also so much easier to edit all my photos straight after taking them.

Software I Use

For editing software I use Lightroom! I’ve also used VSCO for some time but found that Lightroom gives me the desired look I want for my feed. I also invested in mobile presets which I can easily add to my photos to make them look more cohesive. I use to use Lightroom on my laptop, but with the presets being the mobile option I purchased everything can be done straight from my phone.

Instagram Scheduler

So now that I have taken and edited my photos to what I like them to be. I usually schedule all my Instagram posts well in advance. This way I can plan my feed and make sure that everything flows and I always get my time schedule in point too. There are so many good ones out there. At the moment I am using PREVIEW and LATER both of these are brilliant and totally free!!

That’s it, guys! I find that this process works really well for me and helps me stay organised. 

How do you usually edit your Instagram Feed? If you aren’t following then please do so! I’m always looking for new accounts to check out too!


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