Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlit Showers Fragrance

Elizabeth Arden is one of the leading brands when it comes to fragrances. A few weeks ago when I had the privilege of attending their press event. I got to test the new Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlit Showers addition which is their latest release in the Sunflowers range.

Spring is in full swing and around this time I usually change up my beauty and skincare products that are better suited for the weather. This also includes swapping my fragrances to something more fruity and florally.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlit Showers Fragrance

More about the fragrance

Elizabeth Arden’s new Sunflowers Sunlit Showers captures the invigorating warmth of a summer shower—it makes its way across a field of sunflowers and envelopes you in a refreshed state. Active and laid-back spirits alike delight in the youthful happiness this fragrance embodies. Filled with earthy warmth and refreshed floral bouquet, there is no place you’d rather be.

Sunflowers Sunlit Showers exudes the serendipity of getting caught in a sun shower and the rainbow that soon follows. This exhilarating fragrance conveys cleanliness through aromas of Juicy Mandarin and Sparkling Bergamot. Rain-kissed Magnolia and Summer Peach mix with Musks, Sandalwood, and Amber to embody the freshness of summer rain.

“I was inspired by the dazzling sight of a beautiful rainbow beaming across the sky after a sun shower. This creation captures the sheer brilliance of the sun, like a ray of sweet sunshine on your skin. Youthful, optimistic and happy!” – Patricia Bilodeau, Perfumer, Symrise

The Scent

Olfactive Territory: Floral. Marine. Fruity.

The Sunlight: Juicy Mandarin, Iridescent Rainbow Accord, Red Currant, Sparkling Bergamot
The Rain: Rain-kissed Magnolia, Dewy Violet, Summer Peach, Pink Jasmine
The Breeze: Radiant Musks, Sunny Sandalwood, White Amber

Sunflowers Sunlit Showers retails for R460.00 for a 100ml. If you are a fan of floral and fruity scents then this is a must. If you enjoyed previous Sunflower scents this fragrance will be something you would enjoy too.

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