Essence Trend Edition “Me & My Umbrella”


Throughout the Autumn season, the most important accessories include umbrellas and a beauty selection in it-colours like rosewood, camel and grey. This April expect to find the Essence Trend Edition “Me & My Umbrella” collection at any Dischem store nationwide.

Here’s all the products that does consist of the “Me & My Umbrella” collection from Essence – if you are a South African beauty blogger  or just a South African you probably will have noticed these were are on the shelves on Dischem stores.

essence me & my umbrella – matt eyeshadow 

Two matt eyeshadows in vanilla and grey with a velvety, soft texture create long-lasting make-up styles. Available in 01 be your own rainbow and 02 take me to the clouds. Around R44,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – eyebrow thickener 

The eyebrow powder with an innovative sponge applicator ensures smooth and perfectly defined brows from the very first application. In two nuances – for blondes and brunettes. Available in 01 brighter than sunshine and 02 walking on the rainbow. Around R54,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – matt lipstick 

Luscious rosewood and dark red conjure-up an intensive look with a matt finish on the lips. Available in 01 crazy autumn love and 02 i ♥ rainy days. Around R49,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – blush

The rosé blush with a cool “you can stand under my umbrella” embossment gives any complexion a fresh and healthy touch. Available in 01 you can stand under my umbrella. Around R74,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – mini contouring set 

The contouring set contains two mini sticks with a creamy texture – each with one highlighter and one contouring shade. Includes step-by-step instructions for perfect results. Available in 01 let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day. Around R64,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – contouring brush 

The special shape of this brush makes it perfect for blending creamy as well as powdery textures. Available in 01 i like people who smile when it’s raining. Around R64,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – rain boots nail polish 

Gumboots-Look! The nail polishes in vanilla, grey-green, rosewood and dark red with a “rain boots” effect have a semi-matt, gummy finish. Available in 01 crazy autumn love, 02 i ♥ rainy, 03 take me to the clouds and 04 i have my pocket full of sunshine. Around R44,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – nail stencils 

Create autumnal designs like umbrellas, leaves or clouds in a flash with these practical nail stencils. Available in 01 happiness is … sharing my umbrella with you. Around R29,95*.