Essential Autumn Skincare Tips

When the colder weather hits, my skin usually becomes even more dehydrated. I do follow a slightly different skincare routine during Autumn and Winter and opt for products that are more hydrating for my skin. I thought I would share Essential Autumn Skincare Tips that have improved my skin.

Essential Autumn Skincare Tips

Taking extra care of your skin during these colder months is essentials. The cold weather can rain havoc. I usually experience more breakouts and much drier skin during this time. However, I found that following these tips has improved my skin and the prevention of dried out aching skin.

Up your exfoliation

The colder days can lead to drier skin. The dry skin makes your body work harder to create more oil to compensate for this. Exfoliating more regularly will help with removing the dead skin that accumulates.

Hydrate constantly

As the skin gets drier we also need to hydrate the skin more. Beyond the intake of more water, we also need to use a moisturiser that protects and soothes the skin. Try to find a moisturiser that offers more hydration.

Use a gentle cleanser

You want to use a cleanser that’s more gentle on the skin as harsher cleansers can remove unnecessary oils which are needed during these cold months. I also opt for cleansers that are cream-based as I find them to be more gentle on my skin.

Take care of your lips

It’s easy to forget about the lips! Exfoliate and hydrate them regularly to avoid your lips from drying out. I always keep a lip balm on my nightstand which reminds me to put them on just before I get to bed.

All of these are essential for taking better care of your skin during these cold months. What tips do you follow in your skincare routine during Autumn? Let me know in the comments below.


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