My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes

My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are essential for makeup application, I can’t even begin to imagine not having any makeup brushes to apply my makeup with – not to mention how gross it would actually look!

I thought it would be great to show you guys my everyday makeup brushes ,I’m sure most of you ladies probably use more then what I do but I like to keep things simple and carrying around so many different brushes can be hard.I have been loving the Real Techniques Core Set and definitely plan on getting more, the quality is amazing and they recently brought these to South Africa ( on Takealot and some Clicks), which is exciting!
 My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes_01

Real Techniques Buffing Brush 

This is my ultimate favourite brush to use, its also a multi tasking brush which I sometimes use for applying my foundation. I also have been using it for applying my highlighter, it gives such a great look.
 My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes_02

Real Techniques Contour Brush

This one is amazing for getting into the hallows of my cheeks to apply my bronzer.I love the domed shape brush and it’s the perfect size.

My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes_03

Beautique Blush Brush

This blush brush I purchased from Edgars and I use it for applying my blush to apples of my cheeks, I love how big the brush is and it really does get good enough amount of product on my cheeks.
 My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes_05

Cala Blending Crush Brush

This brush is my favourite eyeshadow brush ever!! It blends my eyeshadow in my creases really well, especially for creating that beautiful smokey eye look. The bristles are super soft and this brush was so affordable! Think I paid like R30 at Dischem for it… This is my first Cala brush and I am so impressed with the quality , definitely will be buying more to add to my collection.

My Everyday ​Makeup Brushes_04

Beautique Crease Brush

This one I mainly use to add eyeshadow on the button lashes of my eye when creating a smokey look.
So thats basically it guys all the makeup brushes I would use on a daily basis. What brushes can you live without?
PS. I am so sorry for showing you guys my dirty brushes !