My Experience With New Iphone 8Plus

December last year I was finally able to upgrade my phone. I’ve been wanting an iPhone for some time now. I have been using the Samsung S7 for 2 years, it’s an amazing phone. I’ve been wanting something different and to be honest I really missed the iPhone’s interface and software. I do have a MacBook so it seems like the right choice to rather go with Apple. Today I am sharing My Experience With New iPhone 8Plus.

Why not the iPhone X? I’ve been contemplating whether to get the iPhone X or the iPhone 8Plus. I honestly hate the idea of face recognition and so many people have been having issues with it that I just didn’t want to deal with it. I always wanted a Plus model. My last iPhone I had was before my Samsung, I had the iPhone 5s. Was such a good phone at the time. I really wanted a bigger screen and better compare.

What makes iPhone 8Plus so special? Now let’s talk features, I am not going to give a list of specs because I ain’t no tech blogger. The camera is the same as the previous iPhone 7Plus, it has 12mp camera with a faster and larger sensor.If you are using the iPhone 7Plus then it’s really not worth the upgrade, no major chances then the previous model. Most of the changes have been made under the hood. The phone is a lot faster and some updates to the camera.

I have to say I am loving the new portrait mode, I use my phone to take all my blog photos. I used my Samsung before the upgrade, now I am using the iPhone and I am so impressed. iPhone cameras have also been pretty good, but that portrait mode is next level.

The new bionic chip is fast. I use my phone all day especially with social media constantly. I have not once experienced any lagging. Granted the phone is really new and I would need to do an update in the future.

I got the 64gig version that seems to be enough memory for me. I store all my blog photos on Google Photos it’s just easier in case I need them, I always have access to them. For an everyday user, my life is my phone so I am really impressed with the iPhone 8Plus.


What will your next upgrade be?

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