Our Experience at Oubaai Hotel And Spa

A few weeks back my boyfriend Justin and I was on route to our first road trip in about two years! My love surprised me or he at least tried to but me being as sneaky as I am over heard him making a booking at the Oubaai Hotel and Spa which is located in George.

We planned for two nights at the hotel, the drive was insane! It was extremely long but because we planned to stay a night in Montagu which is roughly half way from Cape Town and the drive to George wasn’t as bad – in total is should’ve been a 4 hour and 45min drive seeing that Justin is the only one who can drive the poor thing had to drive by himself on this long trip.  We arrived at the hotel the Sunday,  the hotel grounds are absolutely exquisite with it being on a golf course you can definitely expect it to be quite a large property.  All I wanted to do was to check in already and to have a look at out hotel room! The photos on the website doesn’t do this place justice the view of our room over looked the ocean, everything was very modern oh man how I enjoyed the shower! I really wish I had the chance to soak in the massive bath but for some reason the water in the bath tap was funky which was odd. We did have a bit of a problem checking in to our room with a previous guest that left later then they should but the manager was so kind they offered us a free meal that evening! Now that’s what I call great service.

Our Hotel Room Mountain views on our drive just before Montagu

The first night we spent  at the Oubaai Hotel we had a buffet dinner, the food was so good I had to get more! I ate way too much and couldn’t walk back to our room but we just called for a pick up service to take us straight to our room – that was really convenient.  The experience at the hotel was world class! I would love to go back and stay longer this time, sadly on the last day Justin and I both got terribly ill and we couldn’t enjoy the last few hours we had.  I did however manage to visit my dear friend and fellow blogger Lizna in Wilderness the Monday night it was so lovely seeing her.  Being that close to the ocean with amazing I fell asleep to the crashing waves and I never saw that many stars as I have looking at the stars from our hotel room.  Next time I would definitely want to stay I’ve for more then just two nights and also to try out the spa, because we were strapped for time we didn’t manage to experience the spa but we had such a great experience first time being at a 5 star hotel the Oubaai Hotel is a definitely must see if you are in the George region or if you looking for a great hotel to go on holiday.



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