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There are days when you don’t have enough time to sleep because of prime dates, meetings, and flights that take away the last reserve of energy. It happens that after coming to a new country or simply in the confusion of the day, there is no time for proper rest and self-care before some important event or just a meeting with UA ladies who always look perfect. The task is not the simplest, but you can and should prepare for it in advance.

By the way, if you are a man who is looking for beautiful women, you can use dating services that will save your time and help find a good company for travel. There are small secrets and means with which you can look relaxed and fresh. All these means are applicable, of course, not only on the trip, and most likely will be useful to anyone when there is a minimum of time and efforts to look perfect.

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Turmeric & cranberry seed energizing radiance masque by Kiehl’s.

Take with you a travel option of the mask with turmeric and cranberry seeds, which gives an instant charge of energy, freshness, and radiance to the dull skin with signs of fatigue. How does it work? Cranberry seeds contribute to soft exfoliation, so do not be surprised if you feel a slight tingling. Your main task is to wash off the mask immediately when it dries, that is, in 5-7 minutes after application, otherwise, you can get a little irritation of the skin. The mask will really give you a healthy appearance and significantly minimize the pores.

Innoxa Gouttes Bleues or French Blue Eye Drops.

These French eye drops have so intensive cornflower color that if you miss the eye and put a couple of drops on the face or on the clothes, there will be blue stains. Talking about the properties: they immediately moisturize, give a sense of comfort, remove redness of eyes. They are suitable for those who use contact lens.

Rebalancing Face Mask by L’Occitane.

You can start your preparation for an important event with this mask. It is enriched with vegetable and mineral powders, which help clean up and saturate the skin with oxygen and minimize the pores. The mask gives a tremendously relaxing effect, relieves stress and muscle tension. It is very unusual, but the skin remains moisturized and acquires a healthier shade after its removal.

Hydraphase Intense Masque by La Roche Posay.

It is an intensively moisturizing and soothing mask with a very pleasant smell that just in 10 minutes will bring your skin back to normal and provide the necessary moisturizing. It does not work wonders, but it perfectly calms the skin.

Hydraphase Intense Legere by La Roche Posay.

This intensive moisturizing care, based on the thermal water by La Roche-Posay, can be safely used on an ongoing basis, it is perfect for the dehydrated facial skin. The product contains fragmented hyaluronic acid, which has a double effect: it intensively moisturizes and saturates the skin with moisture, and strengthens the cellular adhesion for prolonged retention of moisture in the skin. In simple terms, it is neither a cream nor a serum, but it absorbs immediately and should be better used under the daily facial cream. Your skin will be grateful to such a mean.

Moisturizing gel Phyto Corrective by SkinCeuticals.

This gel with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts softens and moisturizes the irritated sensitive skin. Usually, it is recommended after aesthetic procedures, and, in this case, its main plus is that it nourishes the skin very well, instantly moisturizing and soothing it. It absorbs very quickly and you need just 2-3 drops to apply in the morning before a flight and in the evening, and your skin will suffer less from dehydration during the flight.

Eye patches Benefiance WrinkleResist24 by Shiseido.

The Japanese are some of the best in the cosmetics industry. The petals of the mask instantly reduce the visibility of small wrinkles, remove the tired look and puffiness. Apply it before all important events in the evening, or in the morning after the party.

Alterna Bamboo Cleanse Extend.

Dry shampoos are simply irreplaceable both on the trip and at home when you need to refresh instantly your hair. This shampoo smells so delicious that you can overdo it with spraying. It copes with its direct task and refreshes the hair perfectly, but it also tightens the hair and gives a good volume.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.

This is aerosol with very delicate spray. It returns the freshness and adds a little bit of volume. It smells like cotton candy. It does not leave any traces on the hair, so it is ideal for dark hair.


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