Favourite Autumn Dress

Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons! There’s nothing more beautiful then leave changing colour and the Autumn leaves falling. Today I thought I would share my Favourite Autumn Dress that I’m literally obsessed about.

Favourite Autumn Dress
Favourite Autumn Dress_3

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 29th birthday. My husband spoiled me with a little fashion spree. I knew that with the new season I had to stock up on some Autumn appropriate clothes. One thing I desperately wanted was this blue floral dress I’ve on Mr Price that they just released.

Sadly I struggled to find my size but settled for a 34 which when I was fitting it in the store seemed too tight. However the 34 I received when purchasing online seems to be a perfect size! Honestly sizing is always so inconsistent these days! I’m just so thrilled it fits perfectly. Ofcourse new clothes mean an impromptu fashion shoot! 

Everything about this dress just screamed my name and definitely the kind of style that I lean towards. It has floral print, the most beautiful blue colour and it has this gorgeous neck detailing I love so much.

What is your favourite Autumn or Spring if you are in Northern Hemisphere dress? Let me know in the comments below.


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