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My skin has been taking some strain this Winter. It’s been super dry and breakouts seem to happen more often with. Even my husband asking me why do I have so many pimples! Haha, men! Today I will be sharing my Favourite Moistures Right Now that are currently on rotation.

I have been so invested when it comes to my skincare regime. I will be turning 30 next year and the thought kind of scares me a bit. This also means that I need to take better care of myself and this includes taking care of my skin.

The Products

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour skin protectant cream soothes minor skin irritations. Also for symptoms of chapping, peeling or flaking due to minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions or cracked lips.

My love for The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour range is unreal. I’ve spoken so much about the range itself and honestly I swear by it. I use it all year round and its been working so well it kept my skin hydrating, especially for someone who suffers from severely dry skin like does.

The Body Shop Carrot Cream Nature Rich Daily Moisturiser

Enriched with organic carrots that are too beautifully crooked to sell to the food industry, Carrot is back and better than ever! Discover the range and reveal your healthy-looking glow with The Body Shop Carrot Cream Nature-Rich Daily Moisturiser.

This creamy vegan treat provides 72hr hydration and leaves skin feeling recharged with moisture and protected against daily aggressors. I haven’t been using this cream for too long but I am so impressed with the way it hydrates my skin and it smells amazing!

Nikel Cosmetics Nikelnutris Face Cream

Herbal essences and oils make up the pharmaceutical formulation of the Nikelnutris Face Cream. It is intensely nourishing with a rich texture. Contains Passionflower, Jojoba Oil and my favourite ingredient Vitamin E.

The Nikel Cosmetics Nikelnutris is super hydrating and keeps my skin looking plump for hours. Its honestly worked wonders on my skin during this Winter season!

SIX Skincare Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Stimulates cell metabolism, anti-free radical action and reduces the effects of premature ageing. Apple pectins form a film of moisture on the surface of the skin. Water storage molecules in the apple also strengthen the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor.

With me being at the age now where I have to think about anti-ageing products I have started with using the SIX Skincare Anti-Ageing Moisturiser which promises to reduce the effects of premature ageing. I have noticed that my skin looks super plumped which I love.

There you have it guys these are my Favourite Moisturisers Right Now! What are your favourite moisturisers let me know in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples.

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