Favourite Nude Nails Glitter Combo

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I can’t express enough to you guys how much I suck at taking care of my nails, every time I post about any nail products I probably mention this – but that’s just how much I hate having to take care of my own nails it’s not something I am good at. I usually stick to one or two nail polishes at most and I thought I would share my Favourite Nude Nails Glitter Combo nail look that I have been kind of into lately.

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There’s no denying that I am a major fan of Essence Cosmetics nail polishes, they are super affordable and wear well. I have an ever-growing collection, which I just keep adding to – for some reason there are always shades I really like and the Essence Cosmetics keeps releasing so many new colours all the time.

For base coat I am using the colour Dare It Nude, the top glitter shade I usually like to pair it with is the Essence On Air, both of these form part of the Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish range Sometimes I where them on their own, but usually where them as a pair. To make during easier because I am definitely not patient when it comes to my nails and always end up fucking it up some how I love the Essence Express Dry Drops, these are just amazing and I always repurchase them. They are just a great must have product and they work so well, just do be careful it can be oily so much sure you apply these express dry drops on a towel or face cloth definitely not of any surface you can’t easily wipe the access oil off.

That’s basically how I do my easy nude, glittery nails! What is your favourite nail look right now?