Favourite Social Media Trends 2020

Let’s face it! The world of social media is ever-changing and sometimes hard to keep up with what’s trending! This post will focus on my Favourite Social Media Trends 2020 and what we can expect.

I’m not a social media expert, I have been doing some research on what we can expect to trend this year. Keeping with the trends is no easy task! Hopefully, these will help you stay on trend if you anything like me and simply not always clued up with what’s hot in the wacky world of social media.

Favourite Social Media Trends 2020

Influencer Market Will Continue To Grow

That word that I simply despise and automatically gets my eyes rolling when I hear it. According to the 2019 State of Influencer Marketing report, the average ROI for influencer campaigns is a whopping 430%.

This means that brands will continue to invest in influencer marketing to increase sales and brand awareness.

Video Content Will Be Bigger

According to Demand Metric, 83% of marketers believe video content is becoming increasingly important for the business.

What does this mean? Video content is becoming more popular than ever before. Brands are using video content to help sell products, do webinars and demonstrations. Videos can be quite useful and help to convey and show in cases where images might not be as effective to bring your message across.

Removal Of Instagram Likes

Numerous people have already noticed that the like count has vanished from their Instagram profiles. Instagram implemented the removal of the like count late last year and slowing releasing this to everyone over the world.

The reasoning behind this is that Instagram wants you to value your posts and others and not get caught up in the numbers. This will relief so much pressure, especially for your mental health not obsessing over the numbers.

Has the like count already disappeared from your Instagram profile?

TikTok Will Continue To Grow

TikTok has become extremely popular over the last few months. It’s reported that Tiktok has been download over a billion times just last year!

Businesses will be turning to TikTok for short videos to reach millennials think behind the scenes, product reveals, etc 

Have your downloaded TikTok yet?

With these social media trends to look forward to what will you be implementing to keep your profile on-trend or do you not really care about what trending?


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