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I am always excited when it comes to fragrances, who doesn’t want to smell good all-day long, but we all know how expensive our favourite fragrance brands can be. I was contacted by a brand called FDLV Fragrances, but then I have never heard of the brand before so I was really intrigued with the fragrances they have to offer.

Here is some information about what FDLV Fragrances is all about;

Never one to splurge on fragrances – though always wanting to smell great, we wanted to offer women the chance to acquire the same quality scent, great service and chic, minimalist packaging high end fragrance houses offer – without the crazy price tag. Our scents are imported from Europe and packaged locally. FDLV contains 20-30% perfume oil, making it a Perfume – not Eau de Perfume which contains 15-20% perfume oil.

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I don’t know about you but wearing expensive perfumes everyday can burn a hole in your pocket especially when you are trying to save cash. Purchasing the FDLV range is a great way to smell great for a whole lot less. I tried out a few sample fragrances and I must say I am really impressed with how long wearing these scents are and the quality. These are a great option to go for when you are on a budget for everyday scents.

One of the sents I personally enjoy is the scent called “riches” it’s such a grown up scent with a musky undertone, not florally at all.

To find out more about the brand I would suggest you guys take a look at their website, this is also where you can purchase their fragrances FDLV can also be found in a salon near you where you are able to sample the scents and find what best suits you.

Website: www.fdlv.co.za/

Facebook page: www.fdlv.co.za/

For a list of retailers : www.fdlv.co.za/retailers/


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