How I feel about turning 26?


My birthday will be on the 1st of April and yes I will be turning 26! I honestly can’t believe where the hell the time has gone – I feel depressed that I am on the other side of the fence of my 20’s and reaching the big 30! So,  how do I feel about turning 26?

Getting older is never easy – with age comes more responsibilities and pressures like getting ask multiple times by family and friends when am I getting married? When am I having kids?? And that my eggs are going to vanish and I am past my prime of having kids! Seriously??? I have enough time to worry about all of that it’s not a race! I am happy where I am in life and feel like I am right on schedule with the plan I have for myself. You definitely can’t bring any children into this world when you can’t even take care of yourself – I feel 21 at heart and have so much I want to accomplish in life, starting a family is the last thing on my list right now and honestly my eggs can wait!

With that being said I am not happy I am getting older – but I am gaining so much with age wisdom and life experience and having the time with loved ones and seeing my little nephew growing up – age really does make me want the simpler things in life and makes you realise how important it is to have people in your life who supports and loves you. Not the fake friends who stabs you in the back the first chance they get. Some of you might think “ OMG only 26, still a baby what do I know, right?” Well I have been through so much more than a typical 26 year old has so life experience is definitely something I have under my belt.

Anyway enough ramblings I am turning 26 so what??



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