Feeling The End Of Year Run Down

It’s that time of the year again where I am Feeling The End Of Year Run Down! Honestly, this year seems to be hitting me harder than before. 2019 has been a massive year for me with losing a parent, adjusting to our new home and having to work extra weekends. The extra weekend work I have been taking on this year has seriously taken its toll on my mind and body more then I realized.

I have been needing the extra pay, but honestly seeing as how much of a toll it has taken on me mentally and physically health it hasn’t been worth it. Next year I will be pulling back so that I can also enjoy time with family and other things I enjoy doing.

Feeling The End OF Year Run Down

I have also been super consistent with my blog and social media during this year despite everything that has happened. I definitely will be doing a break over the holiday season to just relax and it will be great for me to just completely switch off which has been hard because my mind is constantly thinking of work or blog ideas.

I also find that taking breaks ever so often aware of social media and blogs can give you clarity. It’s amazing how much stress and anxiety social media can give you. Stressing about why losing followers or not the number of views you are looking for. I have been dealing with that a lot lately, all the effort and time that has been put into my blog and me not getting the results I hope for. I have been trying my best not to let the stats control me, but it does get rather disheartening.

Do you guys do blog breaks? How do you find it?


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