Finding The Right Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions I am no expert, it’s something I have hardly ever used – well only a few times and I really enjoyed the experience of having long luscious and voluminous hair and having to easily style them.

With so many brands out their offering a variety of different hair extensions at a great cost it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused about what option best suits you. Equeena Hair Store, is an easy to use online store that offers quality human hair extensions at an affordable price. They also do offer a 14 day return and exchange which I find many companies lack.

Here are some tips to help you find the right hair extensions that best suits YOU.

Human Hair VS Synthetic – When choosing hair extensions you should always check whether the extensions are human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair extensions lasts longer and can be basically treated like your own hair whilst synthetic hair you can’t use any heat nor can you swim with them.

Hair Extensions Must Match Hair Colour – Getting the correct hair colour is important and can be a mistake many can make. So it’s important to get your color matched and whether they need to have high or low lights or even ombre – many companies do offer a massive variety.

Maintaining Your Hair Extensions – High-quality extensions don’t require high maintenance, in order to keep the extensions healthy you should be brushing I regularly, sleep with it tied up and not sleep with wet extensions.

Shopping Online VS Store – This is definitely a personal preference if you are a first timer to hair extensions I would recommend visiting a store and getting a feel for exactly what you want. Do your homework to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Purchasing online however is super easy Equeena Hair Store has an easy to use website which helps so much for those of us who simply don’t have time to kill visiting a store. Once you do know exactly what you want go ahead and order it online.

There are so many other points to point out when it comes to hair extensions whether you also choosing between Brazilian hair weave, virgin Peruvian hair weave or a cheap lace closure – I would suggest you actually check out the Equeena Hair Store website to get the best possible choice you are looking for.


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