Five Beauty Bloggers Who Inspire Me

Five Beauty Bloggers Who Inspire Me -1

There are so many beauty bloggers out there that I look up to. Not many people realise the time, effort and handwork it takes to start a blog and connect to an audience. There are a few Beauty Bloggers Who Inspire Me and keeps me motivated to keep doing what I love.

The beauty blogging community can be a wonderful yet harmful space to be in. I’ve come across so many people who call themselves bloggers who put down others… I can’t tell you how disappointing that it. The beauty community is supposed to be a space where ladies motivate each other… I’ve listed five of my favourite beauty bloggers who inspire me!

Over the five years of blogging, I’ve experience a lot. But, stayed at it because blogging has been the only thing I enjoy and feel passionate about.

There are so many blogging babes that inspire me, these ladies are badass! That I will be featuring on upcoming posts…

For The Beauty Of It

Chereen is a Wonder Woman and knows what she’s talking about. I really enjoy hair skincare posts and baby posts about her son beanie! She’s one talented badass beauty babe.

Chereen is probably one of the first South African blogger’s I followed many years ago, she’s constant and takes about relevant topics.

Five Beauty Blogger Who Inspire Me - Erin

Make Erin Over

Erin is another Wonder Woman! She recently started becoming a midwife, before she juggled blogging, studying, working and taking care of her son.

My mind is blown with how dedicated she is. She’s a UK beauty who is as honest as they come. Her photography is beautiful!!!

Five Beauty Blogger Who Inspire Me - Lily

Pint Sized Beauty

Lily is one of my favourite UK bloggers, her photos are absolute goals and I really enjoy her beauty content!

She’s also branched out fashion related content, which I am enjoying! This lady know’s how to take some good photos.

Luna Lacey

Natalie is a South African Beauty & Lifestyle blogger! She is one of the most honest bloggers you will come across. I really enjoy her content and her amazing personality.

I quite enjoy watching her Instagram Stories, she just has that personality that invites you and makes you think you her friend.

I’ll Take It All

Irina Doman is another local beauty who honestly makes me so jealous. She travels to the most amazing places I can only dream of visiting! Her Instagram feed is total goals! She also has this sweet way about her, which makes me

There are so many other bloggers that inspire me every day, I will be sharing more on another post. For today these are five bloggers that inspire me and want me to do better each and every day. Who are your favourite bloggers?



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