Five Things I Love About Autumn

Five Things I Love About Autumn -01It’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and I couldn’t be more excited! I definitely prefer the colder months than the warmer weather! There’s just so much to love about Autumn, here are Five Things I love About Autumn.


As mentioned Autumn is just the most beautiful time of there year, to me it’s magical and here are reasons why I love Autumn so much.


I am all for going on road trips and exploring the beautiful Winelands just on our doorstep here in Cape Town. It can be exhausting, to be honest. Autumn and Winter is usually the time when I go into Hibernation. Not having to make plans with friends or being forced to get out is not an option during these colder months. It’s the perfect excuse to spend all day in my pj’s.

 Autumn Leaves

Nothing is more beautiful than the beautiful orange and red Autumn leaves. It just makes me so happy, it also means that I photograph many naked trees that are shedding.

Catching Up To Series

The colder months are also usually the time I binge watch and catch up on so many series I missed. With more time on my hands, I can finally watch my favourite and new series I have been wanting to. At the moment I am watching Greys Anatomy!


Of course, I can finally wear my sweaters! I am normally a very cold person and get cold easily. I get to finally wear my cosy, warm sweaters which is my favourite thing to wear.


Well, I love food what can I say, no more boring salads for me when the weather is cold. I usually do pack on quite a few kilos during Winter, but honestly, how can you resist warm soup and home-baked bread. That’s usually a staple for more during winter, I love homemade soup so much and could eat it every day.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Let me know in the comment section below.


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