New Flamingo Tangle Teezer

New Flamingo Tangle Teezer -1

I’m totally obsessed with Tangle Teezers and definitely own way too many if I’m being totally honest. I received a cool New Flamingo Tangle Teezer designed by Skinny Dip.


I totally freaked out when I received the brand new flamingo tangle teezer in a press drop.


As mentioned I am totally ashamed to admit that I own quite a number of them. One in my handbag, bedside table, bathroom and my beauty desk. Not to mention the two or so in storage! A girl always has to be prepared and the tangle teezer is my best friend to help maintain my unruly hair.

New Tangle Teezer Styles

The Skinny Dip Flamingo Palm Print Compact Style Tangle Teezer is one of the cutest designed I’ve seen! I really love that Tangle Teezer is constantly coming up with new designs! 


New Flamingo Tangle Teezer -2


Next on my bucket list of Tangle Teezers to own is definitely a hello kitty one! I’ve had my eyes set on it for a while now!

I would highly recommend you guys check out the Tangle Teezer website to see other cool designs and they are always coming up with more. Which isn’t always great for my wallet. These are decently priced and won’t break the bank. My favourite one I currently use is their Angle Teezer, it comes with a handle and has a very unique shape. I just enjoy using that because it has a handle and makes blow drying my hair a bit easier. If you are a fan of Tangle Teezer I am sure you are going to seriously be obsessed with the Flamingo print, it’s just too darn cute.


The Tangle Teezer is available at Clicks store at R295!

You guys obsessed with these easy to travel compact stylers as I am? Let me know what is your favourite design and if you like the new flamingo addition?





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