Fragrance Picks For 2018

Fragrance Picks For 2018 -1

2018 was a big year for beauty releases. I also had the opportunity to test some beautiful fragrances. I have sifted through them and thought I would share my Fragrance Picks For 2018.

There has been some amazing new fragrance releases. A few are scents that suits me the best and scents I absolutely love.

Fragrance Picks For 2018 -2

I have done reviews on these fragrances on the blog, so if you guys would like more information about these I will add some links to those posts which will have more in-depth information about each fragrance.

I am a sucker for fruity and floral scents, personally, they suit me the best. All these fragrances are more to what suit me and might not be your personal preference.

Fragrance Picks

Cacharel Yes I AmCacharel launched the Cacharel in March, said to be a sensual and modern oriental-spicy fragrance.

Chloe Love StoryChloe Love Story was inspired by Parisian romance and has a white floral composition.

La Perla La Mia Perla – One of the most luxurious fragrances I own and most probably one of the only musky fragrances I have been obsessed about. The La Perla La Mia Perla is a fragrance said to be sophisticated gourmand notes and solar flowers that give you a seductive fragrance.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Soiree – A floral yet woody fragrance. The Juicy Couture fragrances are amongst my favourite fragrances. 

Juicy Couture Oui – This beautiful fragrance is the latest release from Juicy Couture, with the prettiest packaging I’ve seen (like many Juicy Couture fragrances). A floral and fruity fragrance with main noted of Watermelon. This fragrance is the perfect Summer scent.

There are many other fragrances I have enjoyed, but these are the top dogs in my fragrance collection. What is your Fragrance Picks for 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


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