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Taking all your blog photos can be really tough at times. Making sure that you the lighting is good, your editing is on par not to mention getting the right composition and of course, there’s the weather you have to consider. With this being said I found the stock photography can be your best friend in these situations. There are so many Free Stock Photography Websites to help you when you are stuck finding the perfect professional looking photos to fit your blog.

I don’t use stock photography often… When I do make use of them it’s usually more lifestyle or blog tips post where I find that some stock photography works best.

There are so many websites that offer styled stock photography however it can be pricey to purchase them. I came across some free websites to help you find the perfect images that might just suit your blog.

Also I do recommend that you sign up to a few styled stock photography websites. Some of these websites send you free images monthly or upon sign up.

Free Stock Photography Websites

Stock Snap






These websites are also royalty free which you need to consider when downloading images from the Internet.

Below are my favourite styled stock photography websites that offer free monthly images when you subscribe to their mailing list.

More Websites To Get Free Images

Haute Stock

Elle Drouin

A Prettier Web

Stock Shop By Shay Cochrane

City Girl Searching

Dabbles & Babbles


There you go! You guys will be thanking me later. There is just this stigma around using styled stock photography which I honestly don’t understand why. Yes, it’s always amazing to take your own photos but if you do like having your blog looking a certain way and the weather is not playing ball then definitely consider styled stock photography. Also, you can edit them like any of your other photos to make everything copacetic especially when you are using them in Instagram.

I hope you guys found these helpful! Let me know if there are any other free stock photography websites that I haven’t listed.

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