Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream -1

I’ve only ever used one BB Cream for the last 2 years and that has been my trusty LA Girl Pro BB Cream. I finally decided that I needed to try some other BB Creams as well and that’s when I decided to purchase the Garnier BB Cream.

BB Cream has become a staple for me, especially during Summer. I have been using less foundation trying to give my skin some air and not always packing on the foundation all the time. By doing this I have already noticed that breakouts have become less and I have been feeling more confident not wearing makeup.

Garnier BB Cream -2
Garnier has a variety of different BB Creams, best suited for any skin type. I choose the Original/Classic in Medium.

Garnier BB Cream is an all-in-one moisturiser combining skincare with mineral pigments to even skin tone, illuminate, cover imperfections, with 24Hr hydration and SPF protection.

A natural look in just one step, just you at your best.

Evens out complexion: 90% agree

Provides a healthy-looking glow: 93% agree

Gives a dazzling, radiant complexion: 81% agree

Helps conceal redness: 71% agree

Skin feels moisturised: 82% agree

Skin looks instantly smoothed on application: 96% agree

Available in Light & Medium shades

I picked this one from Pick ‘n Pay, for just over R100. This Garnier BB Cream has left me pretty impressed with the coverage of this BB Cream, I’ve mainly been using this bb cream on weekends. I try and not wear foundation during the week but if I do I have been using this one. It covers the redness around my nose well. I have slight pigmentation all over my cheek area and it just blends and covers that pigmentation. It leaves a very natural coverage, which is what I have been aiming for.

The consistency is thicker than the LA Girl Pro BB Cream and I actually like it. I couldn’t be bothered by using any brushes or sponges to apply this, I find it blends even better by hand and I am not wasting any product seeping through my beauty tools.

I am beyond ecstatic that I got myself on the Garnier BB Cream, have you used it before?


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