Gearbeast 24 Piece Goat Hair Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are always exciting for me to get but with good beauty tools comes a hefty price tag.Gearbeast contacted me a few months ago to review their 24 piece Goat Hair Makeup brush set, and of course I said yes! What really intrigued me how good quality they looked in the photo on their website but we all can be fooled by a photo which made me curious to find out if they are really worth getting.

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The set of brushes came in a cream leather pouch which consisted of a number of brushes powder brushes, fan brushes,lip liner brushes, etc the only brushes that this set didn’t contain was eyeshadow brushes like the fluffy crease brushes I so badly wanted you just can never have too many of those.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the pouch consisting of the makeup brushes was the smell, an overwhelming scent of alcohol it was honestly unbearable I had to was these brushes a few times before the smell went away their was no way I would be putting that on my face. At least good thing is after so many washes they did not shed not become loose which I find other brushes I got from these international websites got when I wash them,they become loose and fall apart.  I will mainly be focusing on the brushes that I have been using every single day on my face the rest of the set I’m not really a fan of so I don’t use the others. The big powder brush, fan brush, blush brush and contour brush and my staple face makeup brushes these are extremely soft and apply the product really well especially that fan brush who has become my new best friend!  Because I have been wearing highlighter everyday the fan brush is probably the one I love the most it applies my highlighter on all the right places and picks up product really well.

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I didn’t have high hopes of this set but I do think that if they bad the set smaller consisting of more of the bigger brushes it would be a great idea to get it.  The set just consists of so many brushes I don’t really need but then again I’m no makeup artist and someone else might find all those other brushes usual.  I am really pleased with the brushes I have been using everyday so far I have not experience any fall out which is something I have always experience with other brushes.


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