Healing Earth Product Run Down

Healing Earth sent over some new products a few weeks ago for me to try out, I was lucky enough to have tried some of their products before and Justin and I were obsessed!! Their products remind me a lot of spa-like products, amazing quality! Today I thought I would share new Healing Earth Product Run Down on some of the new products I have been trialing from the brand.

Coffee, Cinnamon And Orange Body Polish

A gentle body exfoliator that assists with skin texture and invigoration, it leaves the skin feeling radiant. It’s suggested to apply in the shower using a circular motion upwards. The scent of coffee, cinnamon and orange (mostly cinnamon) takes over your senses. One of the best exfoliators I have used and it’s gentle enough on your skin.

Pinotage Bath And Shower Gel

It’s a refreshing, revitalizing shower gel that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I have used the products from the Pinotage range before which I really enjoyed. It’s refreshing and leaves skin feeling revitalized, the Pinotage scent takes you to another place in time and makes me feel relaxed, especially after a long day at work.

Conscious Living Hand And Body Soother

This was my first time using the Conscious Living range, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The Body Soother promises on what it’s name says it soothes the skin, the cream is not thick, but I would describe it as silky thin. It absorbs really quickly into the skin.

Conscious Living Hand And Body Wash

Another product that forms part of the Conscious Living Range, the hand and body wash is just so refreshing – I know I have mentioned this before about the other products in this range, but Healing Earth seems to have a constant in their products, it’s spa quality and it does amazing things to your body and mind!

I have been a fan of Healing Earth since I first reviewed their products about a year ago, and I have fallen in love with these as well. Being someone who suffers from a skin disease, it’s hard to find products that don’t irritate my skin, this does not irritate my skin at all and it’s safe to use if you have sensitive skin like I do. I would definitely urge you guys to check out the Healing Earth website (here) for other products you might enjoy or if you looking for more information about the brand.


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