Home Renovations

We moved into our own home on 1st November and ever since for 2 months straight we have been doing Home Renovations to make our place suit of style. I absolutely love the place we have, but it needed a bit of TLC to make it into a home we wanted.

Moving into our own place was probably one of the biggest dreams Justin and I had. After the wedding, all we could talk about was having our own space.

Luckily Justin went with everything I wanted for our home, we did have a budget but knew that on certain items we had to splurge to get quality items that will last a long time like our bed and couch.

With the velvet trend being so popular all the home décor stores had velvet everything to choose from. I personally love velvet and actually shared a Velvet Home Inspiration a few weeks ago.

Here are some before and after shoots we took from the day we purchased our home and once we did the renovations.

Kitchen before
Second bedroom/ office before
Home Renovations -3
Lounge before
Home Renovations -5
lounge after
Home Renovations -7
walkway after
second bedroom/ office after
Home Renovations -8
kitchen after
How We Updated Our Home

I wasn’t fond of the colour scheme of the walls which looked neutral brown colour. I knew I wanted white minimalistic walls that could go with any décor in the future if we wanted to change up anything in our home.  We saw these beautiful wall colours in At Home and fell in love with the blue’s and blacks, which we incorporated as future walls in certain areas of our home.

Something very costly but with the drought we just had we wanted to also astroturf our outside area. Which looks way better then the brick laid outside. It was actually one of the things that drastically changed our home. We also did big changes to our kitchen. I hated the crappy chipboard countertop that came with the house, so Justin and I opted for an engineered white stone with these glitter speckles and we changed the backslash to this beautiful blue we came across at the hardware store.

You will notice that our home has lots of metallic accents throughout the home, I think it ties everything nicely.

There are a few more home décor things I would like but, need to save up for that. I would love to add more plants to our space.

So, what do you guys things about the Home Renovations we did? I personally am so happy with how everything turned out. It took lots of hard work and all our savings, but we now have a beautiful, relaxed home!


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