How I Edit Blog Photos On My iPhone

I’ve mentioned a few times on Natalya Amour that I take all of my blog photos on my phone. Whether I have an Andriod or my iPhone (which is the latest phone I own). This post will be all about How I Edit Blog Photos On My iPhone.

First of all, I sadly can’t afford any fancy DSLR camera… This is why I have been using my iPhone 11 to shoot all my photos, whether it’s for social media or my blog photos. I also use my iPhone to edit all of my photos. Recently I purchased a canon m100 which honestly has been an amazing addition.

I find that technology has improved so much and the quality of smartphones this does or so good that a camera isn’t needed…

When it comes to editing there are two core apps that I mainly use to edit my blog photos.

Most Loved Editing Apps


I’ve mentioned Lightroom a few times on the blog. I use to edit my photos using Lightroom desktop version. Ever since purchasing presets, which are basically filters for the Lightroom mobile app. I find that I can now do everything I need right from my cell phone. The Lightroom mobile app is totally free and you can easily play around with all the tools like exposure, saturation, and colours to save your own preset and simply apply them to your photos. It also allows your photos to look cohesive, especially when you are sharing these photos on Instagram.


If Lightroom is not for you Colorstory is also a great option. You can basically do everything that Lightroom has to offer and they have so many cool filters too. There are some free ones and you can purchase some too at a fraction of the cost.

These are the two apps I mainly use for editing if you would like a post on what apps I use to schedule my social media content then let me know in the comments section below. I have come across so many that a post dedicated to it would be best.

Natural light is your best friend!

So now that you have your cool editing apps. When shooting on my iPhone, I always use Portrait Mode. It gives it the bokeh effect on my photos and it just looks really good. You have probably heard it a million times, but taking your photos in natural light is essential! It honestly makes the world of difference.

What editing apps do you like using?


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