How I Plan An Entire Weeks Instagram Posts In 30 Minutes

I’m a massive planner! I simply don’t like the idea of being rushed and I tend to make more mistakes then. Diligently thinking about my blog posts and how I can incorporate my social media posts gets me excited. To give you more insight into my planning schedule today I will be sharing How I Plan A Entire Weeks Instagram Posts in 30 Minutes.

Find an Instagram Scheduling App

You might be asking yourself how on earth do I do this? Firstly, finding the perfect Instagram Scheduling App is essential. There are so many good apps that you can try out. I would suggest trying a few to see what you enjoy using the most. My ultimate favourite app is Planoly. I have been using Planoly for over a year now and it’s by far the best Instagram scheduling app the world has to offer.

Planoly has a free option which allows you to have limited posts you can schedule a month. You can also plan your Pinterest pins and Instagram stories. I do give a paid version which allows me to schedule on Instagram for an unlimited amount of posts. I also get access to analytics that’s easy to read and make sense of how my posts are doing and what people actually enjoy. Planoly has an unbelievable amount of features I would highly recommend you have a look and sign up to their free account to get a feel for it.

Work In Bulk

Once you have more or less an idea of what posts you want to schedule when. Make sure you have enough images. I usually shoot in bulk and write down my captions in bulk too.

I upload all the images I want to schedule for that week. I write down my captions… It might also be a good idea to type out your captions in your notes beforehand and when you ready to use you can simply copy and paste.

I usually make sure my photos on Instagram coincides with my blog posts. The rest and filler Instagram posts of lifestyle, fashion or beauty I’m trialling or giving updates on.

Once you have all your images in your Instagram Scheduling app, add your captions, tags and whatever else you would like to post with your photo. You can also add all relevant hashtags. What makes Planoly great is that you can choose to auto-post some of your photos unless it’s multi-image upload which you will need to copy and paste into Instagram once the app notices you.

Planoly makes it so much easier to plan ahead and you can easily keep track of it all. You can also respond yo comments straight from their website.


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