How I Plan My Instagram Feed Using Planoly

Over the last few months, I’ve mentioned a lot how much I love using an Instagram Planner. I’ve also done a few posts mentioning apps that could help you plan your feed in advance. I enjoy planning my posts in advance and with that the Instagram posts too. I’ve tried so many apps and have finally decided on the one app that ticks all the boxes for me. Here is How I Plan My Instagram Feed Using Planoly.

As mentioned I’ve used lots of other Instagram planning apps in the past and have found that Planoly works best for me. It’s a stable app, and have so many features to help make planning my Instagram easier.

Why Use An Instagram Planner?

I remember the days I was literally posting on Instagram at a whim. This was such a struggle as I couldn’t properly curate my feed and thinking of captions which you are feeling uninspired is the worst. This is where using an Instagram Planner can be a life-saver. If you care at all about curating an aesthetically pleasing feed and planning your feed with your posts then using an Instagram Planner is the way to go.

Especially when you have a busy schedule and don’t always have time to spend on Instagram all the time. Planoly allows you to automatically post to Instagram without even having to open the app. This means you can plan to your heart’s content even when you on holiday.

Why I Choose Planoly

With so many apps out there it’s honestly finding an app that works best for you. A few months ago I did a comparison on and Planoly which you can read here.

Planoly is not only aesthetic to look at but their app is simple to use. I can save hashtag lists so that you don’t have to keep thinking of what hashtags to use. Planoly also allows you to reply to comments straight from their website. I use this often to sneak in replies when I am working and not able to use my phone. 

Planoly also allows you to plan your Instagram Stories! Although you cannot automatically have it posted on Instagram I still find it useful saving the Instagram Stories I want to post.

If you are looking for a good Instagram Planner then I would highly recommend Planoly. Let me know in the comments below if you use a Planner as well and which app you are using? 


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