How I Use Lightroom For A Cohesive Instagram Feed

How I Use Lightroom For A Cohesive Instagram Feed_1

When it comes to editing my photos I have tried so many apps to find one that I felt was the best for what I wanted to achieve with my content. I have been using Lightroom for about a year now and in my opinion it’s taken my photos to another level.  I thought I would share some tips on How I Use Lightroom For A Cohesive Instagram Feed.

There are so many apps out there and it’s honestly all about what app is best for you. We all are different… and so it makes sense that we want our own personality to shine through the images we take. 

Find An Editing App That Works For You

VSCO and A Colorstory has also been my go-to for editing my photos. A Colorstory offers so many filters which are at a cost. But, if I wasn’t using Lightroom I would probably still be using A Colorstory, they have launched so many new options and tools to have more control over your photo.

I just find that Lightroom works best for me right now. There are also thousands of presets which are essentially filters you can purchase from Bloggers and Youtubers. However, they can be extremely expensive from $50 to $100 even. Yes, personally I saved up a while to actually purchase them from a blogger because I thought If I am going to invest in a beautifully curated feed I wanted the exact presets I envisioned for my feed.

Cheaper Alternatives? Etsy offers so many beautiful presets for mobile and desktop at a much lower cost. I would totally recommend you guys have a look through Etsy, they have so many different preset styles.

Use An Instagram Scheduling App

When it comes to Instagram Scheduling apps, they have honestly been a life changer for me. Gone are the days of trying to remember when I have to post what. Argh, I can’t believe that’s how I had to post. Not sticking to a timeline as I do have a day job as well.

There are so many options, again find what works best for you. My go-to Scheduling apps are Later and Planoly, they both are free I actually posted a comparison blog post about these too Apps. There is also UNUM and Preview. If you are on a budget and don’t want to pay for a subscription nor be limited by how many posts you can post on Instagram then Preview would be the best option for you. They also offer in-app filters and hashtag suggestions.

These are the two main things to consider when planning a cohesive Instagram. Find a preset or filters, that way all your content looks alike and flows better. Use apps to plan your posts in advance, that way to have a good schedule and not have to stress yourself out to post. 

This has been a lengthy post! If you guys want to know more about this topic please let me now. I love sharing them with you guys. I do plan on making a follow-up post sharing some great Lightroom Presets you can use straight on the Lightroom app.


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